The remains of a trailer park community forced out by the City of Dallas.
People lived here peacefully for more than 50 years until a resident living in an adjacent development could no longer abide the stark contrast of near-poverty nestling so close to the affluent lifestyle of her subdivision.
By the time these images were taken, scavengers had removed much of the building materials for scrap resale.

Several years have passed; the site is still vacant.

Through black and white photography, this work represents the lost community.

The images reveal artifacts of a former civilization; items forgotten, left behind in haste, or bearing no use in the future.

Pale colors seeping through the images search for beauty in the remains.
Yet the hues are washed out, as an allegory of death.

Often tongue-in-cheek, the titles are not intended to ridicule but to express the absurdity of this event and to contain ineffectual anger.